Street talk myths...

Let us clarify...

Contrary to popular beliefs that the life span of a hairstyle should be three to four months (especially for braids), and a few months for other styles, we respectfully disagree. Especially for natural hair that gets nappy way quickly, the easiest way to damage your hair is to keep your hair for longer than recommended.

Also, be reminded that a nice hair style in a picture does not tell the story of the life span of a hair style. Consult with our stylist below for all questions and concerns.

Life Span of Hairstyles.... How long should you really keep your hair style?

Senegalese Twist- 6 weeks

Box Braids-   6 weeks

Weaves-    4 weeks

Kids cornrows without extension- 2 weeks

Kids corn row with extensions- 3 weeks

Crochet braids- 4 weeks

Helpful Hints....

Reach one of our consultant Hair Stylist via text at 516-405-0455.

If your hair style is not listed on our website, please send us a picture of what you want to do...

If you are confused about the kind/texture of hair that will work for your choice of hairstyle, please contact us directly.

Guaranteed service....

You have 5 full days guarantee. Inform us if anything goes wrong with your hairs style and we will be happy to fix it within 72 hours.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to fix your hair after one week of service or if you are not available within the 72 hours time frame to repair the problem...

Salt water and braids...

Thoroughly wash your braids if you get into any kind of salt water. Be sure to dry your hair properly with a blow dryer. The chlorine in salt water could cause severe breakage if you do not properly rinse it out.

We will not be responsible for fixing your braids if you went swimming in any kind of water, even within the one week timeframe.

Like pizza and chocolate some things just don't workout..including hairstyles! Avoid these risk:

*Goddess braids with short hair..

*Cornrow twist with short permed hair..

*Flat twist with coarse natural hair..

*Basket braids with natural hair..

*Single crochet braids with loose Twist..

This is just a recommendation...You are still entitled to your choice... Chances are your hair style will not last...