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Traveling to get my hair done is History.

Yvonne P

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Rent a Hair Stylist sent an Associate to style my mum's hair while she was in the hospital... That really made her day.


No kidding, this is the next  best thing to sliced bread! I dreamt of a day where I won't have to travel to Harlem in the cold, where I can just pay for my hairdo with a credit card, where I can get my hair done in the comfort of my home! Thank you.

Claudeth F

The Braider was very professional. I am very particular when it comes to my hair...She was extremely patience...

Jackie, C

My grandma is sick and in a wheelchair, she still loves to get her hair done. Taking her to a salon was a real hassle. This is very very convenient.

Marie, P

I no longer have to find a baby sitter  or take all the kids to the hair salon just to get my hair done. This was much needed!

Lisa, R.